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ICM Construction is one of the largest exterior renovation and repair companies in North Texas, and our services are tailored to deliver quality, fast, cost-efficient results for investors, property managers, and property owners.

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Exterior renovation & repairs

ICM Construction provides full-service renovation for multi-family units and apartment complexes. We can handle any renovation or construction challenge. We turn old properties into attractive, modern spaces with revenue-generating potential.

  • Playgrounds and Dog Parks
  • Patios, Fencing, and Carports
  • Exterior Painting and Roofing

Full-build catastrophe work

If your property sustains flood or tornado damage, ICM Construction has the manpower and machines to completely or partially rebuild any commercial structure. Our services also include material inspections, safety inspections, clean-up, and repairs.

  • Flood Inspection, Mitigation, and Repair
  • Tornado Damage Clean-up and Construction
  • Fire Inspections, Clean-up, Repair, and Construction

Commercial services

ICM Construction is capable of any task for any commercial building in Texas. If you’re a property owner or manager of a commercial building with a special request, give us a call. We’ll get it done on-time and on-budget.

  • Exterior Renovation
  • Carports, Fencing, and Masonry
  • Critical Repairs

Latest Projects

Exterior Repainting

A property investment firm contacted ICM Construction with a time-sensitive project: restore the curb appeal of a dilapidated multi-family property.

ICM sent a 20-man crew to strip and repaint the property—using an artist’s rendering of the complex and short spec sheet. It was a success.

Timeline: Four days
Results: Closed rental agreement two days after listing.

A “Deluxe” Dog Park

Recently, a property manager in Dallas contacted ICM with a specific project: create a “deluxe” dog park. Tenants were leaving. Adding amenities was part of their solution. ICM delivered a quote and timeline, got approval, and got to work.

The dog park would occupy a half-acre of sun-baked dirt, rocks, and sparse grass.

In two weeks, ICM transformed the area from desert to dog heaven:

  1. Rototilled the dirt and added fresh, fertile soil.
  2. Seeded the freshly-tilled soil with Bermuda grass
  3. Enclosed the park with an attractive chain link fence and secure double gate.
  4. Painted and installed a leash post, waste basket, and trash bag dispenser station, doggie crawl, hoop jump, two benches, barkpark fire hydrants, and a welcome sign.

Timeline: Two weeks
Results: Existing tenants stayed. New tenants called.

Flood Damage

During the 2020 rainy season, a project manager in North Fort Worth called ICM. His firm had acquired a property a week before a two-day rainstorm caused interior and exterior flood damage.

We offered a consultation and quote. The client accepted.

The next day, ICM sent four trucks with 20 men to mitigate the damage and start repairs.

ICM contractors removed wet items and debris, checked for mold, inspected spaces that trap moisture, pumped out water from sub-floor spaces, and placed heaters, fans , and blowers to dry out salvageable material.

Repairs were extensive: floorboards, doors, electrical, and paint work, to start.

Timeline: Two weeks
Results: Tenants moved back in 15 days later