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ICM Construction is a full-service exterior renovation company that transforms dilapidated acquisitions into attractive, modern, revenue-generating properties.

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ICM Construction specializes in multi-family rental units and commercial properties. Our dedicated workforce of professional renovators makes renovation and restoration fast and cost-efficient.

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We push projects to completion three times faster than comparable contactors, and we do it with integrated project management software that sets precise timelines, improves communication, and keeps team members accountable.


The price we quote is the price on your invoice, guaranteed. We retain a full-time, dedicated workforce of experienced and skilled workers. And most importantly, ICM’s proprietary work-efficiency training program gives each worker the skills to correctly allocate materials, identify priorities, and manage their time independently.

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With superior project management, cohesive teams, and clear priorities, ICM Construction makes every second of every work day count. That gives workers time to do precise work and use quality materials at reduced cost.

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“Property investors in Texas need to call ICM. The results speak for themselves.”

John D.

“Recently bought a run-down unit with hopes of generating income. Tried multiple contractors. Got ICM and got it painted, got a new yard, and added a covered space for parking. I owe them for the great tenants I have now.”

Adrian C.

“My mom and dad passed away last year and left me the family business. Waxachie got flooded and so did the units. I found ICM through a friend, and I really recommend this company. I don’t know much about flooding and how to fix it. What I can say is that by the time ICM was done, the units felt brand new. No smell, mold, peeling.”

Rumi A.